Snapchat marketing has been a common topic amongst marketers around the globe. Numerous marketers chose to veer away from the social media platform because according to them, ‘it isn’t effective’.

Most marketers simply don’t get the dynamics of Snapchat! They tend to “forget” and understand the key demographics and catalysts of Snapchat. 60% of the platform’s users are between the ages 13-24 and 70% are under the age of 34. Snapchat has more than 160 million active users daily compared to 330 million active user monthly for twitter. These numbers prove massive opportunity for marketers if utilized effectively.

There have been a number of very successful campaigns by marketers who realized that Snapchat’s main purpose and being revolves around fun and playfulness. Check out some of the brilliant and effective campaigns that generated 10’s of millions of impressions across multiple social media platforms, sparked on Snapchat. Some of the winners on Snapchat are Taco Bell, Netflix, Mission Impossible, X-men, Adidas…and many more…. Have a look at Gatorade Serena Williams Snapchat game which was made live during the US Open last year.

Bottom line, for marketers to be able to leverage Snapchat, they need to adapt and evolve. Don’t get left behind!



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