So you’ve set up your company, have put your blood and sweat into it, you started selling your products or services and started seeing profits being reflected on your balance sheets, but a little further down the line you realize you’re not where you want to be and the success of your marketing efforts are short-lived. Sounds familiar?

Chances are, you have neglected your brand!
Your brand is your image, tone of voice, personality, promise and should be in the essence of everything you do and say.
Empowering your brand is what will help you reap success and sustain your business for years to come.
A marketing/advertising campaign or initiative without having a proper brand will result in short-term success and sales. When your brand and business are aligned and become embedded in every move you make, only then will you be able to maintain success on the longer term.
Consistency in your visual representation, messaging, personality, promise and value added will empower your business and in return, people will listen when you have something to say and that’s how you form relationships.
Many small businesses see branding as an expensive and non-necessary cost and would rather allocate more resources towards a campaign and/or widen their presence online. I promise you, the cost of NOT focusing on nurturing and growing your brand is much much higher and might cost you more than just money.
Think about it for a minute, without a proper brand identity, what exactly are the people you reach remember  about you? They might remember a specific product or service you sell because it’s what they’re in the market for but they won’t truly remember YOU nor will your name have an impact on their purchasing decision and your brand value is virtually nonexistent. Focus on your brand and your name will become synonymous with the type of products or services you sell and trust will be built.

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