Having a strong brand is a must and a determining factor for the business success. The brand’s health will definitely affect your ability to sell your products & services, attract investments, retain your best employees and will definitely hinder growth

There are 3 main components to a healthy brand:

Awareness & Usage – How well-known is your brand? If no one knows you, no one will buy and use your products & services

Positioning – What do you stand for and what is the value-added for your audience?

Delivery (Brand promise) – Stand by what you say to customers. Do what you preach!


In todays fast-paced world, word travels at the speed of light and social media is the driver. For this reason, brands need to keep a closer ear to how it’s customers feel, act and react. Engaging with your customers is crucial, every interaction makes a difference. That’s what makes the these next 4 factors extremely important to measure in order to ensure your brand is HEALTHY


This usually refers of the sample of people being tested. In the era of social media connectivity, your sample number should be a LOT larger than ever before. That will help you better know how your brand is being perceived.


How often do you perform your brand-tracking initiatives? Increased frequency is a MUST! As explained above, every interaction makes a difference. So make sure you’re constantly tracking and listening.


How many people are talking about your brand? The more people discuss your brand and give feedback to other users online, the more it affects you either positively or negatively.


Sentiment is highly unpredictable in the age of social media. Therefore, brands are more volatile and open to more negativity which is absolutely impactful. Your brand responsive and resilience must in tip top shape. Organizations must be empowered to react with finesse and to quickly respond to customer feedback and negative sentiment of any sort.




  1. Hi walid
    It’s a great way to get satisfied but its still depending on your carrier and your country
    so what u mean by ( your sample number should be a LOT larger than ever before )


    1. Hello Sameh,

      Thank you for your comment. The article describes how to monitor your brand’s health. Brands and their health have nothing to with their location. Your test sample refers to the number of people a brand is taking feedback from.


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