Recently, I’ve been watching and “following” a few different companies based on their business models.

The companies I’ve picked to watch closely all had one thing in common, that was they all sold/offered “traditional” products that nothing to do with the tech world.

The real reason I did this was to try and find which companies/brands were able to embrace the tech solutions we have today incorporated in their business model.

Talking about subscription-based models, we immediately think of companies like Netflix and the likes…

But what about companies that have nothing to do with tech as their CORE business?

2 brands I’ve looked at that have truly incorporated tech into their “traditional” products…

  1. @Dollar Shave Club … these guys have made shaving and men grooming as easy as it can be! Very impressed with their subscription model which allows you to get a full grooming kit and accessories for a minimal monthly fee!! Well done guys and best of luck in all your efforts
  2. Book of the Month …These guys have taken books to a whole new level. May I dare to say that they’ve revolutionized the library concept! It’s as simple as choose your subscription package, genre of books you prefer and BOOM!!

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